Project Description

“Let Us Read the Heart of God;
Let Us Hear the Word of the Lord!”

“Now is the Time for the Word of God to Flourish”

God’s principle is written only in the Bible. The Bible is the textbook of all things. The Word of God is as a plumb rule (a plumb line attached to a board to ascertain the level of alignment). Throughout history, we see it is when the Word of the Lord flourishes that we witness change in every realm. God created the world with His Word, and with His Word, He holds the world.

So, in order to partake in God’s wondrous works, the Bible which is the Word of God must first flourish in us. This is because the building of righteous leadership and financial principles begins through the Bible.

The principles to set each realm of society upright are within the Bible. The Book of Deuteronomy can be considered a guideline to established God’s Kingdom in the land of Canaan which was promised to Israel. And at its core, there is only the Word of God. ‘Shema’ is the central message. Shema has the meaning of “hear” in “Hear, O Israel” written in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. It means that we need to hear the Word of God and make it our plumb rule for everything. Now is the time for God’s Word to flourish.

Now is the time to make the Word of God the standard in both our personal lives and in all areas of society. That is where we will begin to see a revival.

– Excerpt from Author’s Notes