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Changing the True Master of Your Life





Where, in What Form and to Whom
Does God Give His Riches?
Train to Live the Life of Faith Which Moves God’s Riches!
Only God Is My Master and Provider.
The True Master of My Life Is Not Money; It Is God and God Only!

It was in the very early hours of morning. I fell to my knees in surprise when I suddenly heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Get up and shine your light.” God called me before Him with the words of Isaiah 60.
He spoke to me, saying that He would start a revival in the church and among the nations. And He said that the key to this revival lay in “finances.” That morning, with that very special message, the Lord sought to lead me down a new path, away from the familiar one I was on. The new work the Lord spoke of that day was the work of making a way in the wilderness and streams in the desert.
There are no roads in the wilderness or in the desert, making it impossible to determine which direction to take. There is no water in the wilderness or in the desert, making us thirst. There is no food in the wilderness or in the desert, making us hungry.
If you currently find yourselves in this situation, know that you have been admitted into the Lord’s best training school, the school of wilderness.